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Use KOSA to never run out of your essential products again. Our tracking algorithm notifies you when you run low. Easily purchase the personal care products you need in three simple steps through our app.
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Our app offers an advanced AI tracking tool for your regular used products. To get started you only have to select the items you want to track. The more data we get the more precise and personalized the tracking will be. When using our subscription, you'll receive one monthly delivery of all the products that need to be refilled, so you never have to worry about running out. Of course you can delete or add products to your selection.

While many e-commerce websites and platforms reccommend similar products to customers, KOSA's machine learning model outperforms these algorithms. By analyzing usage patterns and data from our customers, we're able to provide highly personalized and custom-tailored product recommendations that are precisely tailored to each individual user.


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Chief Financial Officer
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Elias Baumüller, one of KOSA's founders, studied Statistics & Data Science at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich before devoting his full-time efforts to his startup. As co-CEO and Chief Financial Officer at KOSA, he is responsible for managing the financial operations of the company and driving its overall strategy.

Lorenz Plöhn
Chief Technical Officer
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Lorenz Plöhn, one of KOSA's founders, studied Computer Science at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich before assuming his role as co-CEO and Chief Technical Officer at KOSA. As the head of product development, Plöhn is responsible for driving the creation and implementation of KOSA's advanced AI tracking tool.

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